Welcome at Hjørnholm Pil !

This year has been in the shadow of Covid-19 – a lot of my planned activities were cancelled, both home and abroad, as for a lot of others around the World. I have a few courses, though not as many as I normally do, and I spend a lot of time weaving in my workshop, all by myself.

The biggest project this year has been the preparation of the exhibition Swarm with Baskets4life. We have been working on the project for 1½ years, so it is a tremendous pleasure that the exhibition turned out just as beautiful as we imagined it would. The exhibition is open until January 3rd 2021 in Rundetaarn (The Round Tower) in Copenhagen – and you can get an impression here:

Harvest time is any day now, and I am kind of looking forward to it, although it is hard work – I have a lot of very high quality willow in the willow patch this year.
The video below shows how we harvest the willow here at Hjørnholm Pil…